The steam wheel

Hi guys,
I need some advice :stuck_out_tongue: I have seen a few weeks ago someone on an elecric wheel and I later thought that it would be fun to imagine it as if it was an object from the steampunk world. So here is the concept I made :slight_smile:
But I wanted to render the object without an environement around it and present it from several views. And I would like to hear your advice on how to present it well and make a good looking image of an object without decor.

great idea, i like it :-)!!!

here are a few suggestions for the background (found them googling around :slight_smile: ), but i don’t know how hard they are to make.

these two above are the best looking i found, and this below has a nice frame around the poster

i think a frame similar to this could look good around your image, it shouldn’t be too hard to make in ps or gimp

last, this one is the simplest, but maybe just distributing the text differently can make a difference, scattering it around like in leonardo’s drawings

hope this helps, if you make any improvement don’t forget to come back and show us :-)!!!

Hi, thank you so much for every reference image you posted! :slight_smile: you really helped me to get some ideas and I think that I’ll certainly try to make more things that at the end seem to be 2D because I like it a lot! I used Gimp to transform the 3D shapes in drawings and to put together all the layers of this image.
I went for an image more in Leonardo style, but I also took the idea of the texts and the drawings overlapping like in the two firsts. So here is the draft of an inventor of the 19th century:

I’m finally planning on making also a render of the steam wheel in a very little scene.

That looks quite nice, only issue i have is not knowing how it works.

Well, I won’t be able to explain the mecanism in details, but, the tank contains a kind of motor :wink:
You move down the lever to start and it triggers some pistons and other mecanisms that will transmit to each other an energy. I assume that there could be some pistons also behind the metalic covering of the wheel.
When it’s rolling, the wheight of the tank is supposed to be counterbalanced by the weight of the person using the machine. And when it’s stopped, the crutch helps it to stand.
Maybe I could make some part of the text with real words to explain the principle. But actually I thought more about the design than how to make a wheel that will really function, I don’t know lots of things about it and I’m not planning on building it in real world so I haven’t spend too much time on being certain that it can actually roll :confused:

Thank you, glad to be helpful :-)! it’s coming together really good, looking forward to seeing the final image, when it’s ready