The Storm


Cool model and composition ! I think just adding some atmospherics would have added a lot into the realism. Just a box with principled scatter plugged in the volume. :slight_smile: Nice one though !

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Thank you. I did a cube with volumetrics but maybe the effect is too subtle, you are right. I’m gonna try to give it another go with some more volumetrics.

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If you plan to rework it I can see a few tweaks worth testing …
But on the overall it’s great ! You are a machine ! Very productive !

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Thank you for your comment and compliment. I’m curious to hear what you suggest for tweaking…

Ok !
I think the tree in the foreground , the house and the lightouse are a bit conflicting with each other,
While obviously the the tree isn’t the main focal point it draw a bit of attention to me.

But probably by balancing things a bit , like vignetting the border of the image to lower contrast on the tree.
Use fog to dim the ligthhouse, and add a bit more contrast around the house to make it the main focal point.

But you can probably re-balance toward the lighthouse if needed.

And something feels a bit off in the sky / clouds, but maybe it’s just me, it’s like it’s missing distant clouds, like if you took a sky and cut the part near the horizon, basically this :

but searching for clouds indeed big clouds can occlude completely the horizon…

Anyway , great work, My gut says that it can use a bit of rebalancing in paint.
I wonder, how did you manage to make that beautiful foam, waves in the foreground ?

Hope that gives ideas, if not then that’s just me :smiley:

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m gonna see how far i will come with your ideas. For the clouds i used a image as a background. It’s an image from a giant storm so it fits i think the theme. For the waves i used a addon i found on blendermarket called Berg Landfscape Asset Library. It also got some nice coastline assets. I read what you said about the tree and now i’m thinking maybe i should get rid of the trees. Maybe it works better without to give it more room to the rest and makes it the landscape more rough and open. Just a thought.

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Yeah don’t mind my comment about the sky, and thanks for letting me know about Berg !

Yeah it’s worth playing a bit , since it’s already cool , it’s just about seeing if there are still some low hanging fruits.

In general at this stage I bring everything into a painting app and start to try stuff roughly, the results are generally quite crude but it can give ideas !

Having a foreground elements that frame the subject like you did with the tree is generally good, I just had the feeling that it take too much space, and since it’s hard to tell if the focus is the lighthouse or the house, it adds confusion.
But I’m pretty sure with a bit of grading and a few tweaks it’s probably possible to balance that better.
I can try quickly if you like !

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If you wouldn’t mind thanks. I’m allready working on it and have some ideas how to change the focus point more to the middle of the lighthouse and baothouse on the shore.

Ok ! I’ll test something to get ideas !

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Ok , here is a quick test :

before :

after :

I’m not 100% convinced yet, it would be worth keeping testing …
You were right about the tree, it’s getting a bit in the way !
I tried to make things a bit more organised and readable, but yeah, it’s a start.

An idea that I find cool :
On the image, there is a storm getting closer, but still a remain of blue sky and sun light,
I tried to apply the same thing to the house, it’s still a bit lit by the sun, but already in shadow,
and I did the same to the character.

Also there are super interesting stuff going on with the boats under the house, too bad they get lost , could be cool to add light there.

And the lighthouse : still a bit conflicting, While I find it cool, the house is great too, the eyes tend to jump a bit all over the image still…

Of course, translating all that in 3D isn’t always possible, but it might sparks some new ideas !
At least I hope so !

Have fun !

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I think you are right about the light. I think the light makes it a bit confusing because it draws the eyes to the left. I also did a bit of work and came up with this version.


It’s a great step forward !
I think the foreground could be darker, and the rocks are a bit to bright to my taste !

The house can use a bit more silhouetting / separation in some areas,

The boat in the distance is too much I think, since it make the lighthouse quite small.

I’d make the beach darker so it’s an area of less contrast !

Keep up the good work !

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Thank you Sozap for your comments and for your work. Appreciate your thoughts.

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Cool thanks !
I never know if I’m getting to intrusive or directive ! Don’t hesitate to tell me if I’m going too far :smiley:

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to see you at work !

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No i’m cool with that. Thank you for helping me to understand more about working with composition and atmosphere. I can use your feedback for future projects.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Dankjewel Bart. Fijn om erbij te zitten.

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