The Storm

Here’s something I did… texturing in photoshop, rendered with blender internal, postprocessing in photoshop.

Can really feel the rough and stormy atmosphere!

A “cameraoverlay” which fakes raindrops on the camerasobjective would be nice.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that… I tried adding rain in photoshop, though. However, it didn’t really work. You can see a bit of it around the edges, but it’s not really noticeable.

I think its a little too blurry. It might be better if we could see more of the ship and the waves, so we can see the modelling a little more. That said, great work.


Mainly, my objective was to make it an action-shot of sorts, and not photorealistic as much as simply intersting to look at. I’ll post a wire so you can see the modelling… but it really is nothing fancy, since fancy modeling wasn’t required. Basically it’s the texture you’re probably seeing.
Here’s an update, now with rain.

Here are two wires:

I realise now that the back of the boat is indeed inside the wave… but you don’t notice it:D .

Just to comment… I wonder if you made the white spot on the ‘splash waves’ reach closer to the ‘edge of the wave’, would it look just a little bit more like real water splash… Maybe with larger specularity you would get the white highlight further? Just an idea

not bad, tho i can say ive seen better (on cgtalk for an example :D) check here might be of help.