The Story Pouch- a short animated film (partly Blender)

I thought now would be a good time to let the community know that Blender is being used on a professional short animation called The Story Pouch. Well… the animation part is taking place in Maya, but I created pre-vis conceptual art in Blender, and am now working on the final modeling in Blender.

I’ve used this great app for over 4 years now and it’s the sole reason why I was accepted onto this project as the Lead Modeler. Todd Kesterson, the director, recognized my ability to quickly turn out accurate models.

We have a big name in our production too- Ron Dias. He’s a former animator from Disney who’s worked on films such as Cindarella and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He’s taken over the role as Art Director and has been great at finalizing concept art and color schemes. Ron is the one who will make this production get noticed.

The Story Pouch is the tale of a man caught in a slump. He tries to be creative in this purely functionaly-oriented world, but can’t manage. I can’t tell you too much of the storyline, but a public website will be up soon showcasing some of the artwork and the techniques we use. We’re shooting for a completion date of March, 2005 in order to submit the film to Siggraph- so I might see some of you there next year! In the meantime, here are some newspaper articles :slight_smile:

U of O Daily Emerald Article
That’s me standing in the blue shirt in the photo, learning how to use the MoCap system here on OSU’s campus. Todd Kesterson is the guy whose face is illuminated in red from one of the 8 cameras.

OSU Barometer Article

That sounds really neat! :slight_smile:

I’m anxious to hear/see more of it.


yeah, sounds really interesting!


That is awesome Ripsting. I can’t wait to see more about it. Congratulations. :smiley:


Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this. Can’t wait to see the updates and the fianl project.

'nuff said.

Ditto ^^^^

Oh damn! I didn’t know you were going to OSU, Ripsting. Well, until I was told so.

So random to propose a project about Blender and then end up on a team with your girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, sounds sweet, hope I get to take a look at it sometime :slight_smile:


Hey Paul, we should get together sometime. I’d like to see some of your work. I haven’t met many people in the area who use Blender, so it would be cool. Did you know OSU offers a 3D (Maya) course? I took it over the summer, and that’s when I was introduced to Todd. The course number is NMC499-003. Anyway, interesting topic for a paper :slight_smile: