The Straw Effect and Armatures

This is probably so common not even funny but i just didnt feel like searching and searching for it. Anyway, my problem is when creating an arm, for example, i just make two bones, obviously. When i bend the forearm, though, it makes what i call the “Straw Effect”, what happens when you bend a straw in half. It flattens at the pivot point. I was wondering how the flip to fix this. Thanks! Ps. i dont know if this is the right forum to post in. If im wrong direct me to where i can go.

I found 2 different techniques for fixing the straw effect on a website. Here are the 2 tutorials.

  1. Use IPO driven shape keys


  1. Bones and constraints

They are both kinda advanced and i have not had time to try them yet but the tutorials have pictures and seem easy enough to follow. I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Or just make sure you have enough edge-rings on the mesh where it bends.


Before you create more geometry and move to more advanced rigging, be sure to check your vertex group assignments and weight-painting. It sounds like you haven’t done any basic weight-painting.