the street must go on...

(garbager) #1

here’s new completed buildings for the street I’m working on…

(BgDM) #2

Absolutely stunning!

Awesome modeling, and even better lighting. Can’t wait to see these textured and in a completed scene!

Keep us updated!


(paradox) #3

Very nice design and lighting.


(ec2) #4

Your attention to detail makes it great. Great work.

(Dittohead) #5

Did someone say photo-real :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite an amazing picture.

(rogerm3d) #6

very nice building there.
amazing looking detail
and a very nice “rich” light.
8) :smiley:

(sten) #7

great work…indeed nice details !!

I would love to see it finished…

(hannibar) #8

Great stuff. Absolutely stunning!
How did you do the lighting? I think it’s pretty impressive

(Goofster) #9

awesome, just awesome. are you gonna post this on it would be great to show those lightwave people what blender can do.

I’m awaiting the full street…


(ookami77) #10

WOW! I’m stunned… These buildings are just amazing… You have your work cut out for you in making textures and materials that will be good enough for these beautiful models. Really good work… How many verts. are in each image approximately? About how long did these take you?

(Dani) #11


Those buildings are great, but i’m sure there’s a scale problem in the first one… you should take of two emergency ladders out of three, and scale up the remaining ones… scale up also service exit at the buttom. To me the correct scale would be 3 windows’-height = one floor’s height
and 2 windows = 1 human…
But i know this modifies a lot the whole building’s scale…
To correct this you’d have to create more floors and scale up vertically the first one (le rez-de-chausse, parce que si un homme = 2 fenetres, les gars ne passent plus la porte ;o) Sorry for this little french-to-french thingy.
But maybe it isn’t sooo important :stuck_out_tongue: cause it looks really good anyway!

Have a nice blend!

(kaktuswasse) #12

wwwooohoooooo!!! That’s so … I can’t say it :-?
Just great!

(Timothy) #13

awesome piece of modeling dude,… can’t wait to see it all together.

Btw,… why not make it a city!!! :slight_smile:

(garbager) #14

Thanks Dani for the comments, it helps a lot.
there’s actually a scale problem in two places : the exit door on the left side of the building, and the first floor balcony, and I’m going to fiw them, for the other windows, they’re the right scale , they’re not ordinary windows (des baies vitrées :).

There may stay some scale errors, but I won’t change them cause they’re just background objects. Nothing will actually happen so the building will be the main object of the scene (you’ll see it around 5 seconds).

About the making it took around 4 hours and a half for the first one, and one hour and a half for the second one.

the point of making a vity is useless for the moment. remeber this is a short animated series poject, so I can’t spend so much time on each building of a city, when I’ll make master shots of city, I’ll play qith texture instead of geomerty.

The scene with 3 buildings is around 220 000 vertices.

(macouno) #15

Extrmely cool… I actually really like this look… without realistic texturing it looks like cardboard models to me :wink:

Great detail!

(garbager) #16

I wanted to add something today. I saw on the thread that someone wanted me to show m work at CGchannel to lightwave people to show what’s his possible to do.

Let me express my point of view on this. I think those war software vs software aren’t necessary and will lead nowhere. I’m working with 3D studio Max at work. I also used Lightwave and Maya before. They’re not Blender, they use some features that Blender doesn’t have. They’ve got a builtin renderer that Blender doesn’t have. They’ve got particles system far beyond Blender’s. The good point is that Blender has good features other high end softwares already got, for free.
I already netered once in this ‘war’, and won’t go in again. I posted a woman WIP on cgchannel, everyone said it was nice, but they saw this Blender production as a curiosity, a freak. For those people, Blender is and WILL stay a freeware. A surprising and exceptionnal product , but a freeware anyway. It can be understood, as investment they made on their product should find a justification.
But if I show that to lightwave people, there will be always someone to show me hypervoxels or motion mixer to tell me ‘hey, yours do that, too?’. And it doesn’t really. Blender needs to find tricks, that is why I find it so exciting, I have the feeling I hasd when I strated 3D, finding tricks all the time. It makes us smarter, less lazy. A tool is a way to create things, but it also has to change the user, to make him (or her) envolve.
Blender will always be a very intense relationship to the creation for me, just like POV was years ago. But I will use later in my life high end commercial softwares to create more visions.
For the moment, Blender is also a political choice. Bringig such technology to people, free of charge, and opening creation door to anyone is an important thing, and I want to be a part of it.
And anbout showing this to lightwave people, I won’t, cause I’ve got nothing against lightwave, or lightwave users. I just know we won’t convert them, and that’s not my fight. My fight would be more to show a series that would interest people that want to enter in CG world and tell them that independant fil making is possible just with their PC. If they use another software, or maybe if they have a couple of thousand bucks to buy a software, good for them. It’s not a technical contest for me, just an idea of expression. No matter the tool.

But hey, I find Blender surprising everyday, as I discover advanced functions too :slight_smile:

(LohnS) #17

NEO pauses for a second in awe, thewn claps :smiley:

very nice speech =D

And back to those buildings, my jaw dropped as i was scrooling down looking at them =P. Very nice modelling and lighting, amazing!

(BgDM) #18

Very good point garbager. I understand 100% and also, I agree 100% I don’t think Goofster meant it like that thoiugh as well. I think he meant it more in the terms that you just put in your post. Get it out there so people can see what a free app can do. Beleive me, Goofster is the first one to tell you that there is no comparison between those high end pieces of software and blender.

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to more of your stuff.


(garbager) #19

I have nothing against Goofster, I know his work and he was one of the blenderheads that makes me happy with his works :slight_smile:
I just expanded the reflection to my own, but it wasn’t aggressive at all :slight_smile:
smack * goofster * smack


(S68) #20

Really nice buildings…

you should consider sending them to the blenderville project :stuck_out_tongue: