'The Stroll' A Minecraft Animation

Hey guys!
I uploaded a new animation, and this one was mainly focused on animating, there were 12 characters in total which I had to animate!

Hope you guys like it, and feedback would be appreciated.

Very nice animation. The music makes me want to dig out my old C64 :D.
Only the legs seem to be a bit displaced while taking “the stroll”.
As I am completely new to animation and even blender I would like to know
how long it took you to create this animation?

It took 2-3 days straight, I mean straight since I had holidays. I’m sure it would take around a week if you worked passively on it.
Yea there were a few problems with legs sometimes glitching out as I used a plugin to flip the animation.
Thanks for the feedback.

I would also say a day extra just to get the rigs working properly and setting up the hat and stuff.