The Strong Men (VFX breakdown)

Hi everyone,
i would like to share finished project involving VFX done in Blender 3D. The goal was to make one VFX shot from start to end in Blener.
-build the object tracking “rig” (real DIY:))
-do the camera and object tracking
-model and texture car
-finish compositing in Blender.

This the result, hope you like it.

take care.

car model turntable down here:


I like it! well done, it was convincing,especially the lifting part.The first shot was not so convincing.

Perhaps some more post work what have made the live action plate and cg car more seamless.Or perhaps it was the fact that the car was right in the middle of the shot,so the audience knows something was up.

overall great work!

very good!

+1 for much more post production

Thanks for comments. Glad you like that. I agree with ng-material, i think its the shadow that makes it not convincing. On the car lifting shot i added shadow casted by the car model to compositing. In the first shot its only original shadow cast by wooden “rig”. I will be more precise next time.

It’s polish FIAT 126p “maluch”:evilgrin:, great render.