The Strongest One

This is a concept that popped into my head while watching TV (Apparently, TV is more useful than you think :P)
Made totally in Blender
Rendered in Cycles at 100 samples.
Any comments are totally appreciated

The flower and the seeds floating off are awesome, but the background to it doesn’t do it justice.

The cracked/baked ground looks odd somehow.

One also has to wonder how, in that heat, a flower managed to produce seeds before shrivelling up. :slight_smile: It kind of adds an unbelievable element to the composition.

I mean, “It tells a story, one of long-term drought and searing heat; yet the flower has only just come into seed, so recently that the breeze is only just taking the first few seeds. It so screams to me: where’s the water?”

Well, the sun was actually on the left corner, but then everything was on the left. Not cool :stuck_out_tongue:
My raw render showed the ground incredibly strange. I guess the displacement didn’t match the shadows from the texture :expressionless:
And I think that a lonely flower in the middle of nowhere, at those scorching temperatures, that made it alive long enough to reproduce itself would make it ‘The Strongest One’.
I think of it like some kind of adaptation or something :slight_smile:

go buy the Wow factor you will got the same scene much improve without flower

Increase the blur (or add if you didn’t have one already) to the suns glare streaks.
Change the strength of the light … the sky is extremly bright, which makes it difficould to see the details you did for the flower and seeds.

I realy like the flower … but the others are right … something is off … i think those strong cracks cause that for me.
If this was my Scene i would have tried to give the flower a weird reason/way to live …
Something like ihaving t grow out of a broken Cola Can/Bottle (a glass bottle broken in about half with reflections and a lens flare would look awesome)

You’re right! I didn’t think of that. I guess I should plan my scenes with a deeper approach to those details
I think I’m going to do some changes