The Structure of Man

Does anyone else on these forums use this brilliant anatomy training series?
And if not, what series (or book) did you use? I am
going through the dvds (only on lesson 7) and am really enjoying it.
Also, feel free to discuss anatomy here.

I used a book called Blender Basics and it taught me how to make simlpe stuff and add color and basic game engine stuff!

Uh… when I said other books, I meant anatomy books.

Wikipedia knows all…

Hey Sergeant_Oreo, yes I also have the Structure Of Man dvd’s. He’s very good, I haven’t had time to work through them yet though, have only seen the first few. His slowing down and “um” “uming” in the vids annoyed me a bit but in fact once I started drawing alongside his directions I was glad because it helped me to keep up.

I’m about to start following Structure of Man so I’m glad that it’s good.
I have just read “Drawing on the Right Hand Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards and it has improved my drawing and observation skills immensely. I can recommend Glen Vilppu’s books and DVDs and George B Bridgman’s life drawing books too.

A real sleeper, Strength Training Anatomy – Your illustrated guide to muscles at work by Frederic Delavier is very good. This is actually a bodybuilder’s exercise book, but the illustrations are superb. If you want to know how the major (and minor) muscle groups change shape as you reach, squat, push, pull, lift or bend, this is the book.

Len: Yeah, his “um” does get a little annoying at times. Also, I wish he had recorded it at a little higher resolution. It is a little bit hard to see some of the dots he draws at that resolution.

I just did lesson 8 tonight and it was so cool. Da Vinci was a genius with his mathematical square concept for making an accurate human head.

Cobster: Yeah, the series is definitely a very good resource.

Orinoco: Interesting…