The Studio Wall

Hi everyone,

I am completely new to Blender and started my first project. My goal for this project was to setup a “studio” which will hold objects for photographers. Currently the studio is just a whitebox. The Setting for the photograph is a part of a wall with a picture on it. The photographer will later only see that wall and everything in front of / on it.

I really would like to get some feedback what I can improve to achieve realism in this project and/or what I should improve.

Thanks everyone and Merry christmas,

I don’t really understand what you are asking here, but I will try to go by what I understood so far.
So if You want the viewer to understand that what they see in front of them is a photographer studio then you should add stuff in the picture that supports that. So it will be easier to detect. So how about adding stuff in the view that studio has in usually?
Like light stands, mounts, lambs, light modifiers, reflectors.
I think that would make it a lot more easier to realize what it is about. For starters.