The Study

Hi there,

This happens to be my first blender scene from nearly three years ago. I had to stop work on it then because I wanted to texture it but did not know how to UV the models (I was scared of UVs back then :D).
So here is it, revisited, textured and lit! Used Blender 2.62 and cycles. And Gimp to put together the passes.

I really wanted to keep the interiors dark but I am not very sure if I got carried away too far. But still at this stage I’d like to call this finished.

Thanks for looking!

P.S. Cycles is truly awesome!


It’s beautiful Mike! I like the darkness of the interior walls very much. I also like the ambiguity caused by seemingly dark colours and muted lighting on the housefront and grass, and the sun on the roof, curtain, desk and tree. It has a sense of wistfulness caused by this ambiguity I think. Very clever, well done.

Hi there! Thanks for all this! I have to be honest here. I didn’t put so much thought into this. My only priority was to match the lighting of the room to that of the background plate! But thanks again for the kind words!


It’s got a great painterly feel to it, like it :wink:

Very soft and painterly, I like it! I kind of miss seeing some detail in the upper part of the inside, makes me try to see around the window and squint :slight_smile: but the mood is great, maybe like afternoon after rain…

Thanks oanav and Jay-artist!

oanav, I kept squinting too when I was compositing it in gimp. I’m not much of a photograhper so I was not very sure of the exposure of the insides of the room. The main reference I used for this was the hobbit’s poster.

Even in the poster there are areas that are pitch black. But the eye does not seem to dwell there a lot but in my image, it does so in many dark images. I should have paid more attention to this I guess!

I see what you mean, in the poster I think the composition is the key, the light area is well centered and the dark one is like a vignette and background to the text. In your image there is no reason for more than third of the upper part to be pitch dark, only if you needed to put captions there. I think just a bit more light and moving the camera to get a nicer proportion will fix it.
Good idea using reference for lighting.

Gives a fantasy feelings!! I like it :wink:

fawdda, thanks! Glad you liked it!

Yes, I agree with you. Also, I somewhat find that red tree a bit distracting along with that over-bright strip of curtain on the left. But I set this composition about three years ago. I did this scene more for nostalgic reasons than anything! So I’ll take whatever I learned here and apply them on my next scene. I’ve already started work on that :smiley:

I like to use reference for lighting. I always find that they add some depth to stuff that I do straight from my head.

the image has a nice painterly feel to it, mysterious in a way. Great job.

My only tiny comment would be that the reddish tree is a bit distracting.