The SubMariner>>Updated bottom of page

I thought i’d be divergeant.

Modron, what can I say, this is awesome!

Only crit is that the guy kinda looks like he’s stuck onto the picture instead of being underwater.



You’re right, I should have put one of those wavy line effects in front of him.

wow, fantastic, i love it. he looks very… drybrushed. like his skin colour is only on the high bits, and its black in all the little crevasses.

still very very great, :Z :Z :Z :Z

Thanks man. Maybe i’ll throw him back into pixia and smooth down those big edges a bit.

Fixed him up a bit.

I like it, Modron.

That water surface on the top left is a tad confusing now (or maybe too busy, I’m not sure), but this could just be a stylistic thing.

Nice work.


That green mist fits on the scene, looks much better than original.
Makes scene much moody, ethreal.

awesome pic… one question… would that by chance be Namor the Sub-Mariner?

thanks guys. yes, it is Namor, Prince of Atlantis, aka: the SubMariner.