The subway (regular and chalk version)


Chalk (compositor)

Image of a subway station partly inspired by the Washington D.C metro

Chalk version made in compositor, edge detecting filter with a black and white filter with colorband.

We could use a similar technique to put the best images in Blender in the compositor and turn them into coloring book pages for little ones:)

woa, thats a weird metro station! The glass fence looks rather thick, but apart from that, looking good:)

Yeah you should mess around a bit with the reflection settings and stuff of the glass in that one, but otherwise, really well done!

That’s pretty cool bro :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool bro :slight_smile:
I like the chalk the best. you should try using a raytracer on it, I’m starting to warm up to indigo.
I would agree with the above statements on the glass, it is a little thick.

what do you mean with edge detection filter??

In the filter node, there’s filters called kirtch, sobel, ect… that can detect edges in an image.