The sun (beginnings of my solar system model)

I just started playing around with spheres some and decided to try to model the sun. This is what I came up with:

Wow. Look how high those flares go.

I hope to eventually model the rest of the solar system this way. What do you think?

Look up some high-res photos of the sun from NASA. Its more fiery. And add some sun spots. I look forward to seeing the completed solar system!

You also might want to add some sunspot as it is full of them. Looking good though!

uh i made a tutorial for suns like 2 years ago, yours looks pretty close

i guess you used a subsurfed sphere with halo tex for the flares

now only 2 things, the flares on the sun dont have always the same colour, they shift from yellow over orange to bright red.

i used 3 intersecting yet differently displaced halo spheres for that with max ADD

for the surface i used also 3 textures, distorted noise, musgrave and vornoi i think (distorted noise on high contrast makes good sunspots)

pic attatched (lowres for quick render), doesnt look as good as yours tho ^^


That’s pretty nifty. I’m still pretty new at this. I wasn’t really following a tutorial. I just started messing around with halos. I think I actually used a fractal subdivision on the core. To shape the halo I just grabbed some vertexes and pulled them up. Nothing too fancy.

yeah did the same, 2 fractal subdivides 1x 10 and 1x 50, then subsurf

i really like your texture on the sun, any link or tip?