The Sun Is Sweating

surrealism seems to be my strong point :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like a pinata :smiley:

HEHEH that or a jackolantern

1). Stop using the default blue background, change the background or use an image (just noting no one likes the blue background)
2). Make the sun more yellow
3). It could use a glow
4). You have aliasing problems in some areas
5). It does resemble a pinata, the sun does not have bumps on it. If they’re supposed to be sweat drops, try using a voronoi texture with colorband set so it looks like dots.

thx for the advice cyborg ill try all of those things

those bumps arent really supposed to be sweat only the bright spots on him are
the bumps came as a result of trying to create an orange and i decided it looked more like a cartoon sun

1 star…

0.5 stars. Use…something… Other than displacement mapping. And it’s supposed to be sweating? Ugh.