The SunFlower Attempt

Hi guys! This is Joshua Sander calling from earth…

My very latest work and my first one in cycles it’s the one that you can see below, this one take me a while to finish since i never used Photoshop (or Gimp) before so i have to learn how to make the textures (as you can see, the textures are not really good).

I also read a lot about composition but still there it’s something that it’s annoying me, but cant put my finger on it, so please, if you know what i got wrong or what can i improve i will be really happy to hear you :smiley: (or read you :P).

Really guys, i will love your critic, and the hard the better :slight_smile:

If you would like a bigger resolution you can find it here (couldnt upload the image in the original resolution here in the forum, sorry):

And the the file in BlendSwap:

By the way, sorry for my really bad english


-Joshua Sander

i’ll disappoint you, but to be honest i can’t see anything that could be fixed* :wink:

whole image is mainained in the same style, composition is perfect, lightening is warm and gives that warm and calmness to the picture.

(*) you really need to study image to see 2 things, so for me image is still perfect .

  • hammer stick dont lie on table, so little rotation would be needed :stuck_out_tongue:
  • window doesnt “stuck” to right windowframe

Wow, man, thanks, it really means much to me and about the hammer and the window you are completely right, i will fix it hopefully this same night, again thank you for your critic :slight_smile:

Yes. Very solid work. At this point any suggestions are probably about personal preference. That said, some things to try:

  • If the sun outside is hot and yellow, maybe try a slightly cooler (more blue) light for inside. Perhaps slightly dimmer to create more contrast overall
  • Perhaps try a composition with the camera straight. At the moment the angle kind of balances the space below the toolboard, but with the camera straight, might feel a bit unbalanced, need to move things round.

The wall near the window looks a bit too bright.

It is very nice. I can’t see anything wrong with either other than the fact it’s a bit too bright.
But it is really good!

Thank you all guys for your comments and recomendations, im trying to redo the image with some corrections that all of you suggest, however it’s taking me a little more time that i expected, im having a little problem with the image that control the dirt in the windows (i swear, dont know what it’s going on) and reading a little more about compositing.

If you excuse me one question, i read this document (, almost in the end of it recommend tilt a little the image to capture the viewer atention a little more, in wich cases this is good ? and in wich ones you dont have to do it ?? I have seen a lot of works fron different artist using this technique but still cant see a pettern.

Again thank you very much for your comments and recommendations, all of you are really helping me :slight_smile:

That Perspective and Composition article is cool. As it says, the ‘Dutch Tilt’ is often associated with uneaseness, something being wrong:

“widely used to depict madness, unrest, exoticness, and disorientation” … " to “represent madness, disorientation, and/or drug psychosis.” (From

To me, your scene actually looks peaceful and calm, and so the angle introduces a sense of unease… Perhaps try with just a very subtle angle, see how it feels. Or could go the other way and add something to confirm the unease; maybe some blood on one of the tools.