The Super Wu Mouse Pointer is Avaliable!....omg.... heard right, so tuck in your teeth and download now!!

and click with power…click with strength… click with raw sex appeal…click with the Super Wu Mouse Pointer!!..the SWMP is BADASS!!

right click and save below to a top secret folder…
Super Wu Mouse Pointer

go to “start menu”

go to “control panel”

click “mouse”

click “pointers” tab

highlight “normal select”

click “browse” button

find the “superwu.cur” and open

click “apply”

click “ok”

in the case of a extremely puny man trying to download this raw chunck of testosterone, you might get this warning

Could not undertsnd what you are talking about…

wuman’s the community weirdo, so don’t worry about him :wink:
heck, they are/were making a game about him (a project for the fun of it)

Hahaha, sweet! :smiley: computer is now so much stronger now that i have the force of the wu inside…

Candy_ME- a mouse pointer is the little arrow you use on the computer screen, this changes the arrow into the most amazing super hero know to man, you never heard of super greatness, here is some lite reading to get you caught up on the greatness that is know as super wu-man!!

click here for “The very first Super Wu-Man Image” (created by the one and only Sago!)
click here for “The origins of Super Wu-Man” (the forum thread were super greateness was born!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man in BWC Promo” (super wu-man owns the BWC, art by Sago!)
click here for “The Intro” (meet the real wu…the legend…the man…the babe magnet…you knew it!)
click here for “The Game” (let your greatest dream come true…be WU-MAN!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man 3d Game” (the greatest 3d game…EVER!!)
click here for “The Super Wu-Man Song!” (created by funk master Modron!)
click here for “Super Wu Alternative Wu Musical Wu Masterpeice” (new funky song, you knew it was RIGHT!!)
click here for “The Real Super Wu-Man Animation” (rated 5 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
click here for “Yet Another Super Wu-Man Animation” (rated 5 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
click here for “The Mask of Super Wu-Man” (rated 4 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
click here for “Super Wu-Man Lost Mojo Movie Poster!” (brilliant poster art by Mhpe…rated 4 stars…!!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man Blender Challenge Entry” (winner! 83% of the votes…but… i’m not bragging)
click here for “Super Wu Power Flexing” (for the ladies…super wu flexing the pythons…orginal art AndyD!!)
click here for “Yet Another Super Wu-Man Comic Entry” (awsome comic cover…butt shot for the ladies)
click here for “Super Wu-Man and Sago Comic Challange Entry” (soon to be winner of the challange!!)
click here for “Another Super Wu-Man model” (super wu-man’s favorite render so far!)
click here for “Yet Another Super Wu-Man model” (this one is for the ladies, super wu with full mojo!)
click here for “YASWM…yet another super wu-man” (a happy super wu-man…a bit too happy??)
click here for “The Super Wu-Man Wallpaper Background” (art by Sago, Modron and AndyD)
click here for “Discussion about Super Wu-Man!!” (people talking about how they wish they were the wuster)
click here for “What happens when you buy from the Wu-Shop!” (true story…of the power of the wu clothing line!)
click here for “Who/What the Hell is Wu” (a breif summary about who/what super greatness is…duh!!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man Banner on!” (artwork by Sago…featureing Super Greatness!!)
click here for “Super Wu-Man Shop!” (Super Wu-Man is selling shirts that helps weak loseres like you get chicks!!)

Charlesworth999- its super werido to you bozo the clown! and it isnt was going to be a game, its is going to be a game, and two animations, and speedos and t-shirts, and people naming there children super wu’s and…

Nebular- haha, you got it installed? haha, so powerful, so awsome!!

Ha, great man…

Now I too can be great…sort of.

nice pointer… now there just needs to be a version for each cursor (loading, loading in background, text, web links, loading disk, etc…)

Hey, the loading cursor can be wuman breaking the windows hourglass!

LOL u were using the dinosaur scheme…:stuck_out_tongue: