The Surprise Attack

Well, here it is.

My “term paper” summarizing things I have learned since first starting to learn 3D animation. It is my fourth ever animation project.

It’s actually a “small moment in a bigger story”, but I must acknowledge my limitations so this has been more about interpreting a character and scene from the page as well as employing as many Blender techniques I could. First time to use UV, First time to use

The links are below:



Sony PSP


Holy crap dude, that is awesome! Nise sound FX too

very sweet!!

Coool! Want more : )
I had it muted on uTube; much better w/ sound.
Could use some more dynamic shadowing or stilizing with nodes

Yeah, the nodes could use some work.

Before this project I really didn’t use nodes because they looked so intimidating when you see the tutorials and there’s like 30 of them connected to each other.

I will improve my knowledge of them though because at least now I’m not afraid of them.

The other thing I learned is that there is only so much one artist and a helper can do by himself. But a lot of people are now telling me Blender is very good now in a team environment. So maybe next year I think about preparing concepts and pitching them for more of us to work on together.

Make something closer to 5 mins. :slight_smile:

cheers and Happy New Year people, glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, nodes can be pretty intimidating. I only just started using them in my still composition here (sorry, had to ; )

Maybe, if you come up with an idea, you could try to organize a completely open collab. I think that would be very cool and in the blender spirit.

That is definitely the most interesting piece of Christmas Artwork I have seen this year. :slight_smile:

We’ll see about doing some collab next year. :slight_smile:

Thanks, looking forward to it.