The Swamp.

A work in progress swamp scene I’m currently working on…
still some stuff to be added.

WOw! :slight_smile: Looks really great! Did you use Cycles?

unfortunately, no! cycles was too slow even for my nvidia titan!

Really nice :slight_smile: grass seems a bit spiky though

I’ve been places where the grass was that spikey. I think it is a great job. I especially like how the haziness of a swamp at night is captured.

thanks guys, I’ll will work on improving the scene even more.

Well done, a great idea and I like especially the color scheme.
Somehow reminds me of this.

Not bad at all as representation, keep it up.

haha, love rayman

For me it reminds:

( Sorry, i hope this image is not spam or advertising ( the game already shut-down ). )

The lights coming out from the huts + dark blue background makes a very good contrast. Do you plan to make a main character? A mushroom-guy, a small creature or an evil swamp monster? :slight_smile:
Very nice work.

Great work! I like the color scheme. I stay tuned for updates…

Nice work! I really like the depth and atmosphere. Of course you know, we’ll all want to get some insight into how you’re creating this. :slight_smile:

thanks for your comments,
the scene doesn’t have anything special, for the grass I used blender hair particles with a gradient ramp as it’s color, the ground is just a plane sculpted a bit to make the ground higher in some areas and lower in others, the water is just another plane on top of the ground plane with a mirror reflection and a swamp color texture.
for the husk on top of the hut, again I used blender hair particles on a cone geometry and brushed it a bit to look like the image.
for the rays I used a spot light with the halo option checked, for the lighting I used a combination of area, omni and spot lights to make the scene dark blue with some orange lights acting as fire light.
for the hut windows I used some textures and edited them in gimp to look like it’s lit inside.
I also used SSS on most of the plants, but not the ivy…as it takes a lot of time.
I used ambient occlusion in world setting, with a multiplier of 1.0.
the wooden bridge as you can see is just some cubes sculpted in a way that made it look like old wood.
for the ivy I used the ivy gen in blender with a bit of high gravity (3) and an ivy length of 15m, max float length of 2m, an ivy size of 0.04 and max adhesion length of 0.03…that gave me an ivy that sticks on the surface of whatever object I give it and hangs down the hut because of the max float length parameter.
that’s all.

Another update, I tried to incorporate some of the comments…
-added back-lights to give form to the trees.
-worked more on the grass.
-decreased the light coming out of the tree on the grass.
-added some light on the front of the stairs (it was dark before).
-added fireflies around the lanterns.

still not finished though.
more comments please.

Hi there,

good improvements so far. There’s one thing I noticed in the area of the house: the lightrays are dark or invisible in this area. But somehow for my eyes is not clear what causes the darkness - is it the tree or the house or something other!? The other lightrays (or mist) are quite believable for me…