The Swamp

Hi, this is a scene I made with blender, rendered with blender render (not cycles).
I was playing the game zelda OOT and I thought that I may use blender to create a scene that has the feel of the kokiri forest in the game.


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That looks very good! I would suggest attaching an image of the swamp to your post so that people can see the thumbnail when they are looking through the finished projects.

beautiful work! I like a lot how your with the row material.

Wow! Like!

thanks guys

Nice work. Haven’t played much Zelda but reminds me (slightly) of a place near where I grew up.

Wow amazing!
At first, I thought this was a 2d Artwork. I like this very much.
magnificent mood and colors.
maybe the grass is a bit to glossy and the water can get a little more intresting Displacement-map.
But the rest!! very nice

Amazing work, congratlations!

Wow i love it!

Amazing dude! I like the story the picture tell!
Perhaps a creature or a guy should stand in front of this middle tree or so. To give it the last pepp!

Good job! I like it so much.