the syringe - photo-realistic

well this is my first attempt to make a photo-realistic anything and i think that i turned out well but of course i need your opinions maybe eventually i will put a label on the glass but for now this is all ive got and for those of you who like wireframes i included one as well o ya this was rendered with yafray and it has nearly 53000 vertices’s and 52000 faces


Looks pretty good. Two things could be done to make it look more photorealistic.

  1. Give it a sky to reflect, plain blue looks fake and makes the metal look boring.
  2. Add a bump map to the metal to make it look less perfect.

what kind of a bump map would you suggest im trying to maintain a more or less right out of the box kind of look here is an updated version with an angular map as well as a texture on the ground

For bump try a cloud map and set the size to zero. Then set the bump to 0.25.

i think what im going to need is a specularity map so that it looks like it has some scratches in it because with the bump map it looks horrible and it ruins my reflection

ok well im rendering a new one now with a reflection and specularity map so that the metal looks a little more tarnished and used its subtle but it is there

Looks like a good start! IMHO the bit at the end seems a too bulky, and the needle seems too short. Other than that, it’s looking really good! Once you make the metal nonperfect it will look even beter.

heres the new render and just as a little explanation as to the end i made it that way so that it looked like one of the older syringes before we had all of our fancy plastics however i do aggree that the needle is to short ill fix that

ok now ive got a problem my GI in yafray isnt working ive got it set to work but it isnt