The tale of disappearing legs

I created a model in makehuman with stockings.

Now in Blender when I remove the stockings, then legs become transparent when rendered.
Then, I changed z-transparency in materials section to 1. Now, the legs are rendered in completely white color.

What is going on? How can enable the skin texture for legs that comes from makehuman itself?

Edit: This problem is also seen when I cut off the lower portions of the pants. I tried this in Blender 2.67a and 2.62.


player2_compressed.blend (1.63 MB)

Post your .blend file so we don’t have to guess what the problem might be.

I have attached the blend file. It was created using Blender 2.67 a. Do you need the .mhx file too?

They are invisible because the lower leg area of your model is assigned to the Player1Invisio.001 material, which is a completely transparent material. Just assign whatever material you want.

Thanks for the reply. I am now using simple color for skin.