The tale of the Erotic Tooth brush - 18+

the modeling and the animation is created with blender. textures made with adobe Photoshop. but watch this if you are only above 18.

First off


But yeah, good lookin animation I suppose. If you’re looking for critique I would say put a little more detail on the top of the toilet/the wall behind it as this is where the entire animation (basically) takes place. You’ve got this whole bathroom scene but we don’t see most of it. Excellent job personifying sexual acts with a toothbrush. Was this just a personal project or is there some rich guy with a fetish who paid you to do this? It kind of came together in the end, sorta funny.

much respect, but wtf

What the flying fudge did I just watch?

You have wayyyyy too much free time

Oh no GEMA but I know what to do. Wayyyyyyyy too much inter sections course. Now down to the sink with that mess.

Great i like it…

awwww… too bad i did not get any good comments on my work… :frowning: i just created that animation on my spare time just for fun… but anyways thanks H3X for the tips. will improve in the next animation i make.

I think this could actually work, but you need to be more clever about it, you should cut it so there is less time spent in each position, and give it a clever ending, like have an old lady come in and brush her teeth and get a weird nostalgic grin on her face or something haha. here is a good example, 18+ I suppose

In terms of technical critique, next time lose the roaming camera movements, that looks dated, and spend some more time on textures/lighting.

well I have finally found some porn my wife will let me watch…

Nice idea ! I love it !


Somehow, someway, I felt dirtier watching this more than I do watching actual real por haha. But I loved the modeling, lighting and all of that, great job Sau! Now swap the toothbrushes with real people haha. just messing.

I’m not sure if this is clean or dirty, both or neither. Certainly you should brush up a bit on that camera-work because, as has been pointed out, some of it is a bit long in the tooth. Could be a hit on you tube if you squeeze in a few jokes to give it more bite. But I don’t want to dent-your pride with my brace of comments.

any body knows any other forum to publish blender stuffs? if so plz do let me know. thanks

haha like it, maybe shorter scenes with a bit more comedy.

heres some inspiration