The Tales of the Last (FPS) (+Screenshots)

You are one of the few humans who survived the huge war after raw materials and living space. The aim is to reach a communication centre to unite with other survivors. Food and weapons are rare but the more dangers are awaiting you…

"Already":( done: - walking (+animation) - looking around - jumping - ducking (+walking slower) - crosshair


  • environment (grass, trees,…)
  • adding hands + weapon
  • changing weapons
  • (scoping?)
  • reloading
  • HUD
  • display notifications

  • Download (WIP):
    TalesOfTheLast.blend (644 KB)

Controls: Walking – WASD, Jumping – Spacebar, Ducking – Y (+WASD)


the innovative environment so far:

some logic brick salad;):

This project looks cool, thought it is similar to the indie game “The Forest”.

Thank you really much ZacharyVolt:D…it’s my first feedback ever…and it’s a positive one;)!!!

Is it possible to “export” logic bricks into a python script to mess up my logic brick salad?

^ Not really.

You’d have to recreate the salad by hand more or less and chances are you want to make some changes to the flow here and there. If you feel like you need to go for python, replace some meaningful portion of your bricks by scripts and in the future take python into consideration. Or just rewrite the game to brush up your python :slight_smile:

Thank you very much;). I’m now starting modeling some game assets. But later on when I’ve added some more logic bricks I’ll turn the logic bricks into python to keep some overview.:eyebrowlift2:

Red dot sight without red dot:) (untextured):


Which assault rifle/machine gun would fit to it?

  • G36C?
  • AK-74?
  • …?


Very nice, but one recommendation: use python code and less logic bricks. All logic bricks that you have put in the first screenshot you can group them in a one python script and an only one line of logic bricks. I think that this is better for the future when you have more things, because all will be better ordered.

See this:


Thank you;) Your recommendation is very useful (I’m only 15 and don’t have any experience in scripting:no::o:eek:). That’ll make the “translation” much easier.

Should I put all the logic bricks in one file or split them into several scripts (e.g: sensor + controller + actuator) ?

I would do it. If you want that your game arrive to somewhere, you must to program, when you know the base of programming for Blender you will see how simplify all of these logic bricks in one or in a few of them, easily. But this is long, so be patient!

Dude, the scripts have completely different flow than the logic bricks. For close resemblance you can think of every connection made in the logic editor as a function that the script consists of. But you can’t automate or convert the bricks into code, you have to rewrite and more or less rethink whatever you want to make.

Converting the player movement to python was one of the first things I did when I started with scripts. It’s not hard and it gets you started covering some of the basics. It’s also a part that is pretty distinguished from the rest of the game compared to something else.

But it’s not something you have to do. If you use logic bricks appropriately in making a complex game it’s not going to all fall on one object to cause a huge mess. In this example you should have maybe separated input from player movement so that when you do menus or inventory navigation you don’t run into trouble with the keys controlling the player as well etc.



I’ll do some experiments with it when I’ve finished the weapon(s?:D) that needs of course quite a lot of game logic. So I’ll come back to it soon enough;)

Guys, thank you a lot!!!:slight_smile:

I have a small problem:(: The weapon shouldn’t be placed in the middle of the camera (ok that’s clear I think:o). Nevertheless the bullets should hit the place where the crosshair is (it’s in the middle). But when I’m aiming objects that are very near the weapon the bullet won’t hit the place of the object where the crosshair is (it’ll hit a place around the crosshair).

How could i fix that?:eyebrowlift:

Could I place an empty in the middle of the camera where the bullets will be spawned instead of the empty in front of the weapon?

I know there’s a script for infrared light pointer but that’s not what I want.:wink:

Dont use actual bullets for the shooting.

  1. Bullets travel too fast anyways, you wouldnt see them fire
  2. They act weird

I would recommend using rays to do the shooting. This way you can have the rays come out of the center of the screen (or where-ever)

Logic, is fast,

python is flexible,

Try pushing some of your logic into states (they can all be ON even) this way you can turn off everything but jumping etc, for working on it,


If I would use bullets I would make them invisible anyway (or replace them through alpha textures). :yes:

But your advise is simply better. :D;)


Could you give me an example please (picture, etc.) ?:o

FPS games don’t usually use bullets objects, that would be way too heavy (with networking for example) and very impractical because they travel so fast and are so tiny. What they really are is just raycast check and function to mimic bullet hit on that object (damage taken, blood sprite, or smoke and bullet hole decal on the ground/wall).

Nor are they fired from weapon location. Weapon on screen and in the hand of another player is purely cosmetic. Bullets (remember, raycast check) start point is set to be calculated a bit forward from player origin in the direction they are looking. The bullets are fired at the center of the screen. If they fired from the side there would be no way to make them travel straight line to the crosshair.

So much damage is caused by couple of BGE tutorials that make FPS games the wrong way…


I’ve even noticed this problem in a demo of the UDK: I’ve aimed a wall in front of me and the bullet shot a hole near the crosshair!:o

Not from a tutorial btw :wink:

I’m fairly certain that Battlefield 4 has visible bullets for both normal/assault rifle style guns and sniper rifles (which a smoke trail is drawn behind - it doesn’t just appear -). You can clearly, over a distance, see the glow of the bullet and this is online (with networking) for up to 64 different players.

If your having trouble with crosshair aiming, one solution which I used is animating the spawning empty along with the aiming animation. The only bad side to this is it might be vunerable to animations glitches if you have any.

Anyway regarding your vote for normal or hand painted textures (since they are even at the time of posting) could you show us some comparisons of hand drawn and realistic/normal textures side by side?