The Talking Eraser (2nd animation in process)

Well, he isn’t exactly talking right now but I’m busy with it. :wink:
Also, I have a problem. I want to animate him, and I’ve made all of the textures for that (the mouth speaking, the eyes blinking etc.) but I don’t exactly know how to do the transition. I mean, I have all of my textures loaded on the material (I’ve made separate materials for the mouth and eyes so I can do eight mouth poses and eight eye poses), but what do I have to do now? Is there an alpha setting for the textures somewhere? C&C, and help, please.

In the texture buttons where you load the image texture there is a button labelled “movie”. If you click that and change the settings in the “Anim and Movie” panel appropriately, you can have an animated texture. So if you animate the individual frames (the drawings you’ve done) into one animation (I’m not sure what the best file format to choose is) you can use it as a single texture. I haven’t done this before myself but I think this is right.

That is an alternative way of doing it. You might want to stick to the transition between different image textures over time (which I think involves keyframe the alpha of the texture), in which case someone else will be able to help you there.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I didn’t think of it that way. Now I can put far more textures on the face. Thanks again! :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem, and good luck with the animation.

Is there a way that you can animate the frame that is showing? Because I’m using a video with on every frame another pose now, but if there isn’t, I have to make a prepared video, which will take ages! And the 4 poses you can handle are not that usefull… If there was such a thing, it would spare me a lot of work… :-?

OK, I’ve made an animation but have nowhere to host it. I’ve checked the forums but I didn’t find anything. Photobucket doesn’t support movie files… Any suggestions?

Heh. Cute.

OK, I’ve uploaded the moviefile to Alltaken’s gallery (thanks so much for the webspace, Alltaken!). It’s not much, the soundfile is from Worms 3d, but it’s my first animation! Here it is:
C&C as always! :smiley:

PS: sorry for the WMV!

way cool! looks like a good basis for a solid character :smiley: and look…no need for fancy rendering stuff (except the face i guess) its a simple freakin eraser! Thats what good characters are made of…its not how many polys, textures, the modelling of each individual strand of hair, blah blah blah…its the ability to get a good character and endear it to the audience. Be a storyteller first, an animator second.

Thanks for the reply CitizenX! I’m flattered :smiley:

This is great! :smiley: I was like “Aww man, thats it.” I wanted to see more, it had me interested, lol.

Thanks for the reply Ataryu! I’m planning to do a bigger animation. This was actually only a test. But at the moment I’m learning for my test week, and Monday is the last day of the test week, and after that it’s vacation and I should find time. Thanks again for the replies! :smiley:

the ideas sound great, but my comp doesn’t recognise .wmv files. Any chance of a quicktime / divX or something?

OK, I’m right on it.

Here ya go:
[edit]Oops, this is the erlier version… ah well, the first animation only has the walkcycle added, no big deal… sorry 'bout that :expressionless:

I’m busy with the second animation, which will be twice as long, but I’m kinda stuck. Look for yourself:

The mouth video gets all stretched up diagonal and gets weird colors… Does anybody know how to fix this?
Please? :([/img]

I’ve managed to make a mockup:
It’s the same scene and eye setup as the one before, but I’ll change that later on. If somebody wants an .avi, just say it. Hope you like the animation :smiley:

Nice but he isn’t in motion anymore :frowning: And I can’t understand what he starts to say at the end, lol.