The tank



random screenshots

This is my firs big project I’ve been workin for a long time. It is stylized to starcraft universe. Do not expect any plot here! ;p This is extended model presentation only.
Project had started as "simple"xD blender animation. After that I realized I can squeeze some more from it.
I took inspiration from orginal starcraft tank model, Vitaly Bulgarov sc2 model (tank support leg), and Andrew Cramer’s AE tricks/works.
I found one big illogical bug, but I leave it as it is for now :slight_smile:

2 Minor models are not mine, but I made some changes in them.

tank cokpit is from great modeler ChrisKuhn…

bottom main part of space station is done by Vostok…

Sorry for noisy renders but …you know :stuck_out_tongue:
Animations done in blender (only tunguska explosion part is rendered in 3ds max)
space & inside cokpit scenes done with element 3d
Composition AE

soundtracks: ground control/starcraft/bortherlands themes
sounds: bunch real live from yt (moving tanks, machines etc), Cramer’s motion pulse sound pack and half-life ingame sounds.


That’s epic! Congrats, really well done!

hello voda22, your animation is pretty clean for me, you will publish to blender nation too, to call more the attention because this is a great work!

thx jose. I think i may try, as long as I can learn how to do it :slight_smile:

Really like! Looks like something out of a video game!

This is awesome, lots of hard work, great rigging, nice camera angles and effects. Congrats!

Wonderful man!!!

awesome stuff.

I’m curious, what specifically caused you to use 3dsmax and element 3d?

well, I used max to render this far tunguska (AA cannon) scene: rocket shot+explosion. Maybe I could do this in blender but I’m better with 3ds max with this kind of stuff.

element 3d was used to render inside scenes and this first in the space. Main reason for that was fast renders and good integration with post procesing.

Also, I love cycles but i have problem with noise sometimes.

piękne, po prostu piękne.
(przy okazji życzę żołnierzom by dostali taki sprzęt w realu ;-D )