Hello guys.
I don’t usually update works here because they are mainly exercises and unfinished projects, just for practicing. But I think it’s time to take the time to start working seriously.

That’s the TARDIS, from “Doctor Who”. Entirely made in Blender 2.63 and rendered in Cycles. It’s still a bit noisy but my computer is not that good, it’d take too long to have a clean render, and, actually, I always liked grainy/noisy pictures so… :smiley:

Hope you’ll like it. I’m planning to create a proper scene, later.

Looks great! I’ve been working on one modeled after 11’s TARDIS. But I’ve only been using Blender for a couple of weeks so some parts of it are driving me nuts. Do you think I could take a look at your wireframe for some ideas on problem solving mine?

Sure. Here’s the .blend :

This looks like 10’s, and I like his better. It has a less saturated blue and is a little more stealthy, since it lacks the Gallifreyan seal.


I’m also a Dr. Who fan - see if you get this:


Oh my this is awesome…can i ask you if you’ll mind sharing it? :slight_smile:

Hi ! Unfortunately I lost it with most of my work when my laptop broke down about a year ago. I’ve made a new one, though, it’s somewhere on this website I think. But I can’t share it at the time because I’m struggling with my ex-school to get my degree and I don’t want them to claim I haven’t modeled since it’s available on the net. But once I’m done with it, sure, why not :slight_smile:

You made it for school??Cool!(I also used doctor who as theme for a school project LOL)I’d sorta hate of asking but couldn’t you at least share the material and nodes you used??
Sorry for pry :slight_smile: