The Tardis

So thought it was about time I made a decent effort to create a TARDIS exterior in Blender, here is my effort so far :slight_smile:

The materials look good but you might want to look at some refference and work on the modeling.

What do you mean? It’s sort of a mix and match of different Tardis iterations.

Ok. What I’m seeing is that the virticle space between the panels is too big the police public call box sign thing is too thin virtically and the base is to big (the platform where the rest of the TARDIS sits on).

To me it looks praportoinally wrong to me. Here is a refference page it has all of the Tardis’s none of them have these atributes that I’m pointing out.

You get the final decision on what it looks like. I’m just here to help you find problems so that you can fix them.