The Tea Party

Well, I’m calling this one done! I hope you enjoy it!


hmm… I Immensely enjoy everything in this image but the characters.

The reason: They look supremely out of place, due to a bad contrast of realisticity.

Take them out(and very the wall paint a bit), and I’d love this. Sorry man, they dont look good. The fur looks…odd(Which I cant blame you for, blender fur still sucks), and the girl looks odd.

Other than those two, I absolutely love this. I’ll hold off voting depending on any changes you make…

Peace! Good effort

On the contrary to free_ality I really do like the characters. It seems very claymation/stop motion-esque to me. The expressions are dead on.

One of the things that bothers, me though, is the monster’s pose. There’s no way you can hold a cup (and based off the Image, I would assume its a full one) with your palm flat. Right now, in fact, its hard to tell, due maybe to a lighting trick that he’s actually holding it and its not just floating there (if he’s a jedi monster, then you may have something, but…;)) . Perhaps have him grasping the cup a little better. His horns look a little square as well, but that may have been a style choice.

Really Great image otherwise: awesome lighting, texturing, scenery modeling, color scheme, and on and on and on.

I really like it. Like, I really, like it.
Only thing I don’t ,really, like, is the fur on the monster. I think the fur should be thicker, more similar to Sully in Monsters Inc.

This was pretty good. Very original idea!

I’m not sure why you can’t see it, but he is holding his cup delicately between two fingers. Maybe it’s hard to tell, but his upper finger is bent. I dunno…

The squarish horns were indeed a deliberate decision.

I’m glad you liked it!

I like the room, although her expression is dead on, I think the girl needs some improvement.

Ah, yes, on a closer look I can see what your talking about, It may have just been the lighting or the fact that I hadn’t realized he only had two fingers and thumb. As I look at it more closely I can just start to see the thumb on the left side of the cup as well. My bad…

I like the image, but in my opinion the monster got too weird teeth and also he needs more fur

Nice to see it finished! Like I said in the other thread, I love the concept! You would still have room for improvement in the image, but it would really just be minor things. Great finished project!

5 from me.
great attention to details.

Really cool! It’s come on well since I saw it earlier on. Great stuff! Nice arrangement of objects around the place.

Keep it up!

Keep it up!

I love it! I think it’s got just the right mix of realism and unreality. The expressions on both characters are spot on.