The temple in the valley

Here is my first try at CG. I have been switching from program to program for the past 6-8 months, before finding blender about 3 months ago. Now I am in love with it like the most of us here. This image is made entirely in blender. I have been putting this image together for a week now while holding down a full time job, so the distractions are somewhat visible in the final render. By putting up this post, I hope to learn more. Please be constructive with your comments and critiques. Thanks.

Overall i would say its a good start. these are the things that i wold consider fixing.
-There are some overall scale issues. Size of the leaves relative to the temple.
-The rock wall is a little “gooey”, model in some more detail and use some displacement.
-Colour wise the rock wall is a little too close to the colour palette of the temple.
-The composition is okay with me…though i would tone down the foreground leaves so that the viewers eye comfortably follows the path to the temple.
-The temple, being the focal point, needs something going on…kind of a reward to the viewer for landing there in the image. Something that hints at a deeper meaning to the image. maybe a rope ladder going up the rock wall…and a monk sitting on a stool inside the temple standing guard.

Good luck and keep at it!

I REALLY like it, good job!

At some point it becomes fairly obvious that you just stuck a photo of a cliff (depth and all), to the rock geometry.

What you need to do is learn more about things such as color mapping and bump mapping as well as using displacement for much larger details without actually modeling it. Some parts of the image may also benefit from using the sculpt tool as well.

I find composition quite good, but textures really need some improvement. Most of the textures are way too “big” so it makes scenes dimensions feel weird. Also some elements like leaves are so big that its hard to grasp how big the house really is, you should add some elements from where one can get the dimensions such as bench, trees or something like that.

I think the building could use some aging. You have this beaten up road and an old stone wall standing next to a temple that looks like it was just built.

Thanks Ace Dragon, but I implemented all the things you mentioned including bumps and displacements and sculpted the largest details, but sadly in my final work only sculpting shows since the cliffs are just flat planes. I am not sure how to correctly implement bump mapping and and with the displacements I definitely hoped for a better result, but i can not seem to get the best effect and the fine details with them, also not sure as to why. Any guidance would be of great help. Thanks.

Nice image! I like the composition and the warm light which draws the viewer’s eyes towards the temple. But like someone already mentioned maybe the leaves in the foreground should be more out of focus so that they don’t draw too much attention.

I also feel that the leaves look a bit plastic and wonder if you’ve added translucency to them?

For the cliff maybe the tutorial on blender guru will help?

Please post any updates when you get the time to continue your work.

Short comments …

  • Lose, completely, the “foggy ambient god-beam light.”
  • Throughout the (remaining …) picture, “bring the tonal-range back into printable bounds.” There are opaque shadows here, and there are blown-out surfaces on leaves in the foreground.

Maybe you would want to put a bit of foliage above the light shafts as to know where they are coming from, and maybe you could try use Defocus and put your focus on the bricks underneath the camera though. Great render! I’ve been using blender for 11 months and I’m no where near as good!

I like it. If I were you, I wouldn’t add a monk sitting on a stool. But a rope ladder ruining the face of the cliff would look neato. Here are a few things I can think of:

  1. The brick path leading up the temple, wear down the edges of the bricks
  2. The small faces of the corrugated roof of the temple that face the viewer, those need to be darker than the faces facing the sky, and also emphasize the edges a bit.
  3. If you scale the leaves, you have to change the textures. You ever see the same species of plant grow in scales of x1 to x3? If you scale a plant way up, it’s gotta be a new and visually different plant.
  4. Also way too much interstitial space among the foliage. Bring the leafs closer to each other. And don’t let them defy gravity so much.

Really like the mood and lighting and the overall concept.