The Temple of My Heart

A couple of still shots from a planned meditative mini animated short ‘The Temple of My Heart.’ (It will probably take another month or so to render the full animation, due to the complex scenes.)

In a beautiful song called ‘Mama Mana Mandire’ (The Temple of my Heart) by a Gaudiya-Vaishnava Acharya (prominent teacher), Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, he invites the Lord to reside in the temple of his heart, offering Him loving and respectful worship, and praying to spend his life in glorification of the Lord.

Sri Guru-Parampara images are courtesy of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Inc,, All Rights Reserved, used here for study/worship/non-commercial purpose.

Sri Sri Panca-Tattva and Lord Nrisimhadeva images are courtesy of Aradhya Gauranga Das Photography IG @aradhya_gauranga

Made in Blender 2.91, rendered in Cycles, 256 samples.