The Temple of Time

I’ve been working on this update of the Temple of Time from the Zelda games since last June, on and off. A lot of that off, thanks to computer problems. I’m finally calling it done. Hope people like it.

It’s a complete model of the interior and exterior. The models of Link and Epona are from the games rather than my own work, though I did redo a few of the textures with more detail and a lot of Link’s equipment was made from scratch for a previous project. The statues inside were also free models I found online somewhere, though I don’t remember where now.

There’s a lot of paintings decorating the inside which I did myself, including stained glass windows. They don’t show too well in the renders though, so I might end up doing one or more others from different angles.

Two more renders I couldn’t fit on the last post:

The Door of Time:

The Master Sword:

I originally produced it for Luxrender, and I’ve got piles of WIP renders using that, but in the end I used a combination of Cycles and Blender Internal, the latter mainly for light rays and AO passes etc. Compositing was in Blender and Photoshop.


wow, I love it! The bump/normal texture of the shield seems a little “smoothed” and in some places the “transition” between elements coule be more natural (I’m looking at the last render, between the main floor and the first marble “slab”, might be more a difference of texture resolution). And I love the trees in the first render, are they made in blender or is it a texture plane?

Looking good and cinematic :slight_smile:

I loved Ocarina of Time. Great project and Awsome result ! :smiley:
Exterior view is my fav.

Thanks! Yeah, those floor slabs were a pain. They looked fine in the previews and I had to apply the displacement modifier on them. 8 hours of final rendering later it was apparent they weren’t quite right, but by then I wasn’t starting again (I’d already lost 4 hours’ work when something went wrong with the sword material).

The trees are mostly models from the Blender greenhouse, though I did add a few more trunks and things at their bases in Photoshop to make them look more natural. Here’s the raw Cycles render:


Awesome. OoT was the greatest game EVA!!! except FFVII.

Envy you!
Wonderful images, congratulations.

Incredible job, well done. The texturing is just fantastic - you painted stain glass windows, for momma’s sake! Congratulations :slight_smile:

I’m simply drooling over the lighting :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! It’s good to know people like it after I spent so long working on it. Here’s some of the paintings I did for it. Might as well post them in their own right since there’s no camera angle than shows them all nicely.


It looks absolutely fantastic and I can tell you put a crap-load of work into it.

The only thing wrong is that it looks all fuzzy and not clear at all. If you sharpen it up somehow, I think it would look 5x better.
I especially see it in this picture:

Perhaps it needs to be rendered longer?

Beautiful lighting BTW.

Yeh great job! Hoping I might one day get to that level.

I do agree - the problem is that all the light’s coming through the stained glass before it lights up the scene so it takes an eternity to render the interior shots. That one was left on all day. As far as I know Cycles doesn’t let you pause and resume rendering later like LuxRender does, so I’m limited by what I can get done before I have to shut the computer down for the night. In an ideal world, of course, I’d let it run overnight as long as it takes, but I’m a student living in a single room - it’s too noisy and puts out too much heat to have on when I’m trying to sleep.


Maybe try a render without caustics (the no caustics checkbox in the render options). It might look like crap but maybe it turns out nice and then you don’t need as many passes.

Don’t worry about it ! For what cycles is currently able to do now for interior scenes it’s ok ! you should give it another try at the end of summer by then it’ll be faster !

Actually, as it’s just lit from what’s coming from outside through windows - multiple coloured windows, then it’s realistically lit imo.

It’s realistic, but the trade-off is it takes much longer for the image to clear. Even the grainy images I posted involved me painting out fireflies by hand. I’ll do as reC suggests and try again when Cycles improves. Who knows, in a few months it might support AMD graphics cards and then I should be able to get much better results. I’ll be out of my student room later this year anyway, so leaving it to run longer should be possible.

fan art, doin’ it right

Well done!

Might I give a suggestion? If you did two “passes”, one with just the windows as they are, and then one for the rest of the scene; in the latter pass, replace the windows with a straight emit of the same texture as the windows (or something of that sort), so that the same kind of light gets through without making everything noisy. Might be a little extra work to get right, but I assure you you will get less noisy results for the same render time, even with two passes instead of one. Just a thought :slight_smile: