The texture doesn't show up on rendered view even though it does on material view

Hello. Thank you for watching my post.

I have a problem in texturing.
Even though I can see the texture I added on material veiw shading, I can’t see the texture on rendered veiw (Cycles Render).

I would appreciate if you could help me.

Why are you using the attribute nodes of you have’nt included any value. Textures are mapped to UVs by default so either
Remove the attribute and image mapping nodes
or Add a texture coordinate node set to UV feeding into the image mapping node
or Add an appropriate attribute value to the attribute node

I’m sorry, I was fool.

I did so because I heard that you don’t need to type attribute value to the attribute node if you have only one UV map on the material.
But I should’ve tried it when it didn’t work.

Thank you for telling.