The texture visible in textured view not rendered as it is in the final image

When I apply an environmental texture to a surface, and switch to viewport shading to texture, it looks as shown in the left side of the below image. The image I used as a texture has nothing but numbers on it in black on a red background. But as you can see in the final render, the numbers are not reproduced as they seem in the textured view. Seems like the texture image is applied radially around the centre of the surface.

How to make sure that the final render is the same image in the same orientation as it looks in a normal image viewer or in textured view in Blender?

My blend file is texture.blend (1.2 MB)

Why are you using an Environment texture node instead of just using an image texture node ?

Oh God! I’m such a noob! Please bear as I’m just 20 days into blender and animation and learning from youtube tutorials.
I got the required result but can you explain why is the environment texture spread out radially like that? Is it to simulate the real environment effect which is generally perceived radially around the object?

Your kind of confusing me - “apply an environmental texture to a surface”… That’s usually related to the World properties. Plane feels more comfortable with image texture applied to it. See if this is it
Textures were not included, so i just made one.