The Third Floor Previs Studio is looking for Generalists to work in Montreal

Seeking Maya Generalists (Especially Awesome Camera Animators) for work in Montreal

The Third Floor, Inc. in Los Angeles is seeking Canadian artists for Previsualization work for a Feature Film. Candidate must be a Canadian Citizen, and will be working in Montreal.

Animating with a strong sense of cinematography in mind, a Previs Artist holds a collaborative, impactful role in the film-making process by designing the strongest possible sequences. Previs moves fast, making an artistic sketch of the film to come, yielding an enormous boost to the enthusiasm of a project in development.
A Previs Shot Creator is responsible for piecing together elements, setting them in motion, and virtually filming them to create highly cinematic sequences. Nearly any aspect of a shot can be tweaked instantaneously to improve the composition or the timing of the action. Creating previs shots and sequences help to support the director’s vision via appropriate use of camera movement, lenses, composition, staging, lighting, and editing.

The ideal candidate will:

  • possess a strong sense of composition, animation timing, and basic storytelling.
  • be team oriented and able to take direction well from a supervisor
  • be adaptable, flexible and accepting of change, often tossing out ideas and starting anew.
  • have Knowledge of cinematic language and camera terminology

Software Utilized:

Maya is a MUST
Adobe After Effects,
Motion Builder a plus

On-line reels and links to websites are welcome - Email: [email protected]

Please also include a shot breakdown showing specifically what you contributed to each shot/sequence. No phone calls, please.