The Three Keys to a Successful Game.

This is originally from the blender game kit 2nd addition, but I summarized it and I think it will be useful for new gamers.

1. Toy:
The Toy aspect of a game refers to the immediate fun of just playing it. You don’t need to think and you don’t need to read a huge instruction manual.
Note: This dosen’t mean that such games don’t require skill, but that you can immediately have fun in them.

2. Immersive:
The aspect of the game that makes you forget you are playing it. Realism plays a large role in this. Flight simulators are a good example.

3. Goal
This aspect is the degree to which the game gives you a goal. Goal games are often low on the Toy aspect because they often come with thick manuals and strategy guides.

4*. Balance:
This is not technically part of the three but it is very important. When you create games, you will have to strike a balance among the Toy, Immersive, and goal aspects of your games.If you can create a game that has a high degree of each aspect, you’ll most likely have a hit on your hands!

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I know you already acknowledged it, but opening a post titled “the three keys…” and seeing 1, 2, 3, 4 is pretty funny.

Good tips, that’s a nice, clear and simple way to think of game design basics.

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usefull, ill keep it in mind

This is one of the best things I learned from the GameKit. Thanks for posting so everyone can read it without buying :smiley:

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TIGB, catchy. Well done i will implement this as if it were a LOD(essential and very helpful).

thats four keys

The last one ties them all together.

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It’s very important for those just starting out on game design to have this overview.