The Three Lords

(From left to right)
The Dragon Knight
Royal Shield Pawn
The Red Crystal Mage

and their vacuous army

blender 2.74


Gorgeous! It’s got a really heavy epic feel to it! An OCD question, is there a reason why the “table” corner isn’t lined up with the center of the shield? I think that would give the composition a kick!

Your materials look gorgeous! :RocknRoll:

Love it! Great materials. Just checked your images on Behance too. Lovely stuff! Followed.

^Thanks guys!

fix some texture issue with the stage and line it up to the middle

use pasteall, so it might not be as blurry

THe platform textures really let down the whole scene, there is a lot of potential here!

I also notice on the lack of over all quality for the stage, since originally it don’t take up lots of space. most of my attention went to the material and texture of the pieces.

Agree on the stage, it looks like you used a simple ‘box’ unwrap rather than placing a seam in the back and using the ‘unwrap’ option.

If you do it right, you can actually do a sort of ‘sleight of hand’ texture stretching just over the edge from the top to give a good solid feel without making any stretches visible.