THE THRONE : orckish warrior / amber demon short

Hi all,

Today I dived in a mat painting to start somewhere. This is the very beginning and there is a lot to do to blend major volumes. Also, I have to add the big fortress and a mountain pic on the foreground with hour hero looking toward the horizon, it will serve the intro that will mainly be a short text.

This project is a bit ambitious and I feel a bit lost for the time being on planning the environement.
I’m not a story teller so I’ve set a super short script to input an atmosphere but the goal of this short is to make a nice fight coregraphy and will be 90% of this short.

It will be less than 1 minute, just pure fighting as the first 300 movie…

updated picture :


Little update,

Some stuff are bugging me but I’ll fix them once I4ve integrated the 3D elements.

Your compositing is incredible, Pierrick, and very fast as well! Very impressive already, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you’ve got planned.

Pieriko ! Great stuff as usual. You are by far one of my favourite artists on this forum ! I watched your video on youtube of you creating the lava demon. Could I ask how you built the basic mesh. I noticed you used the skin modifier ?

hi Danny. Yes I use the skin modifier.
create a cube or whatever, go into edit mode. Delete everything, add the skin modifier.
2) set the root, extrude main shape focusing on joints. Ctrl+a to size a point.
3) subdivide it 2 or 3 time, aplly the subdive modifier and go for dyntopo.

during dyntopo hi use one or 2 time the decimate modifier when sculpting is too laggy and set it between 0.7 to 0.5 if it doesn’t kill to much details. Apply it and continue dyntopo.
once happy with sculptin I go ahead with retopo. I use face snaping, I don’t use the shrinkwrap modifier as it lakes of precision.

once done I add a multiresolution modifier and a shrinkwrap modifier on the retopo model to project details from the dyntopo model and apply the skinwrapp so that it is stored in the multiresolution. Then I go for a sculpt session on the multires to clean up the mess left by the shrink wrap.

Uv unwrap, bake normal, disp and also dirty maps and go fore diffuse painting, emission mask and bump map.

shading, rigging, sleeping and think about my ambitions with the character :smiley:
that´s it

Great work so far. Either character posed in this world would make a great image, but a fight scene between the two will be even better, i eagerly await updates. The summery of your workflow makes the modelling you do sound easy.

Hi reflector, nice to hear about you.
i think you will have to wait a little for updates. I’m totally overwhelmed lately on critical projects so I think I won’t be super active on personnal stuff before fall of march :confused:

That is a great and epic looking environment. Good luck with your business projects.

thanks man, really appreciated.


Here it is, this is the opening scene background.
I will now start preparing the main scene environement… I don’t feel confortable at all with this :frowning:

… and then go ahead with animation.

Here is a short re-composition of my latest matte painting for my upcoming short movie. this is the opening scene missing the main character on the forground cliff

I’m just showing the built layer per layer but don’t cover the real process. In my case, I can’t go straight forward with matte painting as even with precomp. it’s allways a matter of experimentations.

Mostly done in Photoshop, some assets done in Blender.

Music : Murmures
By my former band : LAO-KOON

So, I’ve built the title logo and render it and it turns out pretty nicely.
I believe it’s note perfect and some will absolutely dislike the style but, I’m 33, I love Schwarzenegger and 80’s barbarians films touch.

This is what I was aiming for and I think it’s working.
Hope you’ll like it.

Beautiful lighting on these background mattes.

Here is the very first shot (without smoke) from the Trailer.
I will now work on the smoke using blender internal as I was really not convinced of cycles smoke time render time versus result performances.

Animation is all done for this scene trailer, I just need to animate the logo too, make the sound…

edit : I’ve added some smoke here.
Need to define it betterly but it works pretty nicely, I think I will bake a thinner version.
It moves really well.