The thug.

I started this model today and have worked about 3 hours on it. I wouldn’t mind some feedback on it and maybe some help on topography and the areas around the eyes and nose. I’m pretty happy with his face so far seeing as I started from a plane. C&C definitely welcome.

Hi Nickwalk,

you might want to look at this tutorial to give you a better idea of the topology around the nose.

In the lower left corner of his left eye socket, I would separate the bit that joins at just one corner of a poly, and add an extra poly in there. I believe hotkey V ( mesh ripper ) will do it.

I fixed the nose today. Probably going to try and get the eyes and the forehead better tomorrow.

Thanks for that tut!

Not bad! Coming along pretty good for a model in the making. My only crit is that the model looks a bit like a solid grid. My personal preference would be to select certain areas of the model and hit w > smooth. You could select the top of the head and smooth the vertex points this way, then maybe the side.

Might want to bring the ear socket area a bit forward as well. Keep it going!

He’s (or she?) has great character already. Nice stuff buddy, keep it up!

That nose looks great!

Basically reworked his entire face today. Fixed a lot of stuff and figured out how to use smooth :slight_smile: Not too sure about the mouth at the moment though I’m going to have to work with it, any suggestions?

Some updates, fixed eyes, changed the shape of the head.