The Tiberina Island at the time of Piranesi

Hi guys, my insane 3d reconstruction project of the most famous Piranesian views of Rome continues.
Today I publish this new reconstruction taken from the engraving by G.B. Piranesi depicting the Tiber Island (1745) which is part of the “Views of Rome” collection.
Created in Blender 2.93 and rendered in Eevee at 200 samples with Optix. Post production in Blender Compositing and Photoshop.


Looks very good, congrats. Same birds as in the Salarian Bridge image, methinks :slight_smile:

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Yes they are! Where are allways in Rome… :rofl:

very nice image and details. great work.

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I think your work is incredible, Congratulations :raised_hands:t2:

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