the timemachine

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

here is another product of a sleepless night, i modeled from 8PM to 7AM…
/me gets another barrell of coffee
the timemachine

don’t expect anything great, i’m still tired and my pc started feeling uncomfortable so i hadn’t much time to texture it :wink:

comments are welcome…

(S68) #2



you need to sleep more… these nightmares are beautiful, but you risk a breakdown :smiley:

I find textures very nice like that!


(rwenzlaff) #3


But you should get that oil leak looked at. AAA only handles servive calls after 1956.

The only constructive crit I can see offhand is to soften your shadows. The shading is so soft (intentionally, I assume) that the harsh shadows on the floor look out of place. They couldn’t be made by lights that are lighting the machine.


(BgDM) #4

Absolutley stunning! Another beautiful piece of work.

I hope you never sleep again if you keep coming up with stuff like this! :wink:

Now go get some sleep, seriously.


(endi) #5

WOW! One of the best Blender picture!!!

(sten) #6

love it…great scenery… !

(basse) #7

wow… it’s a bit scary, but beautiful. I mean, I wouldn’t step into that, even if it would drop me back in 1923…
I love the colours,… and textures. the softness and the glow is again postprocessed? (just curious)


(ookami77) #8

Beautiful model and rendering!!

What did you use to create the flattened spirals on the machine? I’m thinking a subdivided cube streached and twisted with a lattice, but please tell me how it was actually done.

I really like how the cables etc. hang on the machine as though they were real. Keep up the good work!

(blengine) #9

hahah thats fucking nuts! your nuts…that rocks

(Andy Goralczyk) #10

yup… it’s hiding many faults, and everything’s looking cool, even when you just spend 30 seconds on modeling :wink:

i usually don’t use lattices…
i started with a cube, extruded it and rotated it till i got the spring [you see them at the bottom] and then i sezed them down on the z axis to make them flat. the spirals on the body are different versions of the spring, twisted and streched with Proportional Vertex Editing.

yeah, i think i’m going crazy… must be caused ba the lack of sleap… :smiley:

thanks for the comments.

(0ptikz) #11

Hey @ndy,

I must say, yer work has been impressing the hell out of me recently, but there are a couple of questions that are burning in my mind and I just need to know the answers :o

1). What kind of spec PC do you have? details like that would knock my p3 450 for six, So much so that I would find the .blend file uneditable due to the slowness… :frowning:

2). Tell us really, how the hell do you light scenes the way that you do? I fer one would love to see you write a tute on your lighting techniques…really outstanding, especially with that outdoor scene you did a while back (With the side of a house)

Anyway, yer pic is strange as hell, but at the same time original and friggin’ cool.


(CurtisS) #12

Very cool image! My only comment is that there is nothing in the image that really gives a sense of scale. I didn’t realize that the machine was pretty big until I noticed the size of the ladder. Something as simple as a table and chair in the background might help.

Great work!

(Andy Goralczyk) #13

thx [email protected]

  1. i haven’t got a “special pc” it’s just an ordinary AMD Atlon whatever 1333mHz, 256mb ddr RAM, Geforce 2 gfx card…

  2. ok… i’ll come up with a tutorial if that helps…


(scrappy) #14

as gramps said, your frickin crazy…get some sleep!!! very nice, complex…love it :wink:

(Haunted-House) #15

That’s just awesome!
I really like the soft glow the lighting has!

(Friday13) #16

Whoa @ndy, you should really, really, really sleep…LESS!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Andy Goralczyk) #17

hmmm… do u really think i should make a lighting tutorial.
i’m not sure… there’s nothing special i could tell ya… :-?
what do YOU think?

(Friday13) #18

How about a “HOW TO BECOME A BLENDERHEAD IN JUST 3 STEPS” tutorial? :wink:

(pofo) #19

That’s easy :wink:

  1. Get Blender

  2. Get really good at it (this is the hard part, but it’s possible with some training I think)

  3. Get obsessed with it and tatoo the Blender logo on your forehead.

Beautiful work @ndy

  1. pofo

(0ptikz) #20

Do it buddy, despite what you think you are doing something with your lighting that almost no-one else does, I just don’t know what it is :o

I tried yer advice about reducing the bias but all I get are nasty banding effects around the render.

Alternativley, you could just release a .blend file for us to look at.