The tired and the curious

Here is a picture i worked on for quite some time now ( i made i thread some time ago here𩴟 ) , the story is that the big guy have found this small lizard, it looks a bit dead so he of course have to take a closer look at it.
I hope you like it.

Looks nice, great modeling (I love the bird)!
But I guess the textures are a bit too simple in comparison with the well modeled characters.

Keep it up,

Yeah, I agree on the textures, but a great piece

Great work! I absolutely love the grass in the foreground. The bird is fantastic as well.

The only thing other than what gallardo and free_ality said that I noticed was that the grass on the hills in the background is a little dark. It might look better if it is a little brighter, but that might blend in to much with the foreground, so it might not look as good as I am envisioning it. It’s just an idea.

Keep up the good work.

If you were going for the “cartoony” feel storm, then you nailed it on the head! If you were heading toward a more, “realistic cartoony” feel, then yeah, I agree with the posts above. It your art and you know how it is supposed to be taken; Sweet job!

a pretty good thought nimbus, but remember, textures(even realistic ones) can still be extremely toony. Its all in how you use them.
Therefore, a lack of texture can take alot of life out of an image…

First of all thx, I am glad you all liked it.

Free_ality and gallardo :The problem whit the texture is, that i can’t come up with any thing that won’t look strange, with my characters. Also I like the simple look of them, but maybe it would look good with some dots on the big feller or something like that. But i am not sure.

bsinger : Maby your are right about the grass, i made it a bit darker to make it look like it is longer away then the rest.

cloud9nimbus : I was focusing on getting a very toony looking picture, so glad you liked it :smiley:

If you guys got a great idea regarding the texture i would like to hear, cause i can’t really come up with any.

Really nice work, it looks so sweet, especially the bird :slight_smile:

Double that! Cool work Storm, I love that birdy :D.

Hi Storm,
So you are on elysiun too, didn’t even know you were a blender-man! :smiley:
Great development, really cute image!
Just one thing thoug, you really should make the backgound wider, so it goes even more
beyond the view. Now it sort of ‘falls’ in the sides, and goes below the horizon. Also you
might consider to raise the background a tiny bit.

Great image though!

nice work!! I agree about the textures tho, and the hips of the blue one deformed kinda strange

Wonderful style!

As been said before, brilliant style of image brought to life by superb characters. In regards to texture, id suggest revisiting the extremities with some blends. The feet and tail of the blue fella for example, to differentiate from the rest of the body. I Like the bird as is!

Hope of some help.

thats pretty one . Bird’s particles need little random and some texture if you want it more realistic. and little glossy and shining to the animals :slight_smile:

Adriano66, Roger and Criss: Thanks i am glad you all like it :smiley:

Marve: Hehe, well i am ;), I take a closer look at the background.

DJWSimpson, as soon as I got time I take a look at the texture.

Thx again for great c&c, keep it coming :smiley:

Really nice cartoony look! I’d deffinately add some textures to the characters, but overall I like it.

I am working on some texture for the big guy, i made him a bit brighter on his stomach, and I am trying to give him some dots.

Great piece overall, but I think there’s a clash of realism and cartoony. The bird doesn’t fit. The other two characters have smooth cartoony skin and the bird and the grass is very detailed. Better than I could do though! Keep up the good work!

An update, thanks again for the great c&c

even better with texture - make a nice wallpaper.