The Tireless

Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum, but not that new to Blender. Usually I’m in the german blend.polis forum.

This film is my last work done with Blender. The music and sound effects I made with Cubase, textures with Gimp. All in all this project took 4 months and 70gb of my hdd :D.
Questions, Comments and Critique are welcome :))

greets Pred

Great work! Great music! Great idea!
I only don’t like parts with “time” in boat, they are in disbalance with the rest, I would try to make them more realistic (boat texturing etc.) or go for a style that is clearly unrealistic…
BTW Did you use sticky mapping for buildings?

Great job! I think you should add a thumbnail and embed the video, because more people will view it.

Indeed the rowing animation is the weakest part. The rest, in fact, is great :slight_smile:
The boat itself seems reasonable to me. But the deformations of the rower are not so nice, and the modelling could do with some polish too. His hands seem small, for instance. The biggest win though, I think, you would get from better lighting. The shadows look very cg, are you using a linear workflow?

Thanks for the positive comments :slight_smile:
JnZ: It wasn’t the classical sticky mapping workflow, but I have used one picture per scene, so a kind of.
I think the scenes with the boat are unrealistic, so maybe they are only a bit too realistic. :smiley:
You have to know I’m absolutely not the one for character animations. With the rower I have spent so much time and I’m personally quite content with the result. To hachieve some more realism, I wanted to render it with Cycles, but that would have taken so much time, so I stayed at the BI.
In my opinion I have faked the most with the buildings and there are soo many mistakes in there. But it seems that that doesn’t count. :smiley:

Animaniac888: I wanted to embed the video, but as I’m a new one to this forum I may not :frowning: But I will add a thumbnail.

yoff: And I thought that the lightning was the best in the scene :smiley:
Sorry, but what’s a linear workflow?

EDIT: and how can I add thumbnails?

You have to attach an image to add a thumbnail.