The Toad Smith

Hey guys! This is another project that’s been sitting on the backburner for a while… Thought I’d wrap it up so I could try to push out a new demo reel soon, my old one is getting stale… This one’s based on a beautiful concept by M ZM. I tried to keep as much of the character’s attitude as possible during sculpting. Let me know what you think! As always, C&C appreciated.


I like those kind of characters.
And it’s well made.

Little question: I could be wrong but I’ve noticed a difference in shading style and partially even in the level of details between the toad and the rest (armor, hammer… stuff). The toad has a sort of “2D hand painted”/cartoony look, the mouth looks like not openable while the rest looks aiming more to realism.
Is it a intended style choice?

Thank you so much LazyVirus!

So, in trying to match the concept there’s always a little bit of a gap. I try to match where the concept artist has put detail. The armor was very finessed while the shape of the body and such was maybe a little less so. I think the wet nature of the surface hides a bit of the detail as far as fat folds, muscles, etc… Before I throw it into a portfolio I may look at improving the shader to show those bits a little better.


The mouth is actually openable! However it remains closed because I have not given him a mouth interior. In this still, Some of the sculpted detail the shader hides becomes visible as well. I really like the style a lot of modern CG productions have taken where they have cartoon-ish shapes and forms, like the swirl on his buckle, or the simplification of rips on his loincloth, but they retain very realistic materials… So in some ways it is a stylistic choice as well. Thanks for your interest!


Showing off his back, screaming “lick me, lick me” :smiley: nice work!

I don’t think it would end well for whoever attemuted that, lol

Wow, nice job. I’m sure the concept artist is proud of you :smiley:

I think the same. The skin shader is not enough detailed. You can use dirtness or something like that.

Mr. Toad looks exactly like an exquisite hand-painted ceramic figurine – a very realistic one – and that’s one of the reasons I love this so much! It’s a fantastic effect and I think it’s great, but I’m not sure if that’s what you were going for. :slight_smile: This gets back to LazyVirus’ question about whether this is an intended style choice.

If you wanted more realism in the context of the character, you could adjust the skin material so he looks genuinely slimy and covered with toad-ick, instead of the pristine shiny look. But I think he’s perfect the way he is.

very cool. i like the realistic cartoony style

man this is cool i like the custom so much it,s so awesome, the frog model looks like a figure but it,s great , his color,s weer the most awesome thing ever it feels like if it,s a frog skin it,s getting me so creepy ,
great work keep it up

Thanks so much Blade!

I’ll revisit the sculpt and material before I publish a demoreel. Thank you for the C&C!

Thank you! like I said to wikifry, I think I’ll revisit the sculpt and material and try to push it into something more realistic, but I’m glad the render was successful in an unintended way nevertheless!

Thank you!

Thanks Alf0!