The Toad Wars

Hey guys - this will be the official update thread for ‘the toad wars’.

It will be a 3rd person action shooter.
Initial release will be an online deathmatch.


This is the game to put under every Blender christmas trees :smiley:

Looks like great character and environment modeling, and a very cool style.


Wow really coming out in Christmas 05? :smiley: Sweet models! Hmm, so network code and such is all worked out?

:wink: We should all try to push out complete or near completed blender games before Christmas, hehe.

Jason Lin

Online? Amazing. This will be the definitive Blender game.

Some interesting characters :slight_smile: I’ll be keeping an eye out for updates on the project. Looks promising!

I was wondering what you were referring to when you mentioned it was good to have some competition. Indeed it is as it usually raises the bar and pushes everyone to do their best work.

I’ll mention it to the guys on our team about perhaps getting a 2-3 level demo of Transcendent out by christmas :wink:

Yes you steep pepper!
This will be a masterpiece !!!

Wow, those models look really nice. Very interested to see how this turns out!

Awesome. I can’t wait to play this this December, that is, if you make it for mac, also. (pretty please!!!)

Yes you steep pepper!


thanks for the compliments on the character models.

Not sure about which operating systems will be supported at christmas. There’s a lot to do, and networking code could be a pain between different systems.

Windows and linux are the most likely candidates for initial release but we’ll see what we can do.

Add another name to that list of programmers, faizan will be helping us out :wink:

Not sure about which operating systems will be supported at christmas. There’s a lot to do, and networking code could be a pain between different systems.

Well I know for sure we will have linux and windows versions up… Partly because im running linux :wink: and most people are running windows :slight_smile: The mac one might come a few weeks (or days) after the intial release… shouldnt be too hard to port from linux to mac… both are unix based :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, were you planning on releasing tidbits for preview purposes? Or just planning on releasing the game in its entirety come December?

Woohoo! I loved the bucky o hare nes game when I was younger. Characters look true to the spirit of the property, I am still reserved on how well you guys will have multiplayer implemented :wink:

Good luck!

Uh… one question… are you going to sell it or do we just download it?

looking great! :smiley: awesome style, very interesting…cant wait to see more progress on this, especially the multi-player aspects of the game!

it is planned that it will be a free as the wind

Looks nice, I like the texturing job on them, very well done.Looks alot like star fox almost :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope the online will be- server online for at least a month :smiley: -no lag- lots of people playing :smiley: - and fun.

Can’t wait!

I was thinking the same thing the same thing about star fox :wink:

you can expect tp see some untextured but fully lit screenshots of my latest map in a week or two

WOW this looks great! :smiley: I LOVE the characters, best I’ve ever seen in a GameBlender game! :smiley: Ofcourse like Saluk I’m sceptical about how good your networking code will be by Christmas…

Keith. 8)