The toilet

Here are some renderings of a toilet. I tried to create near photo images, quite difficult to get such a result. Rendered with Yafray 8. C&C are of course welcome as well as advises.


Really nice to see some interior-designs done with Blender, it sort of shows
the world that you can use it for other things that “look - my alien!” :wink:

I do have some critique…

  1. There is a “milky” look too it all, not saying that’s wrong or bad…but
    it seem to be a Yafray trademark.

  2. The wallpaper seem a bit grainy and/or washed out.

  3. The toilet seat seems sooooo plastic like, yah - I know…I have a
    toilet seat made of plastic too…but it doesn’t quite look so fisher-price like :wink:

Other than that nit-picking, I think your images are very …well…nice!
And I like them.

Wow… nice. can you post your settings for the cloth rag hanging near the sink.

I worked a lot on this cloth rag to find a satisfying result. Finally very simple, I used a wool pullover texture and I set NOR and DISP in the texture settings. The DISP parameter is the key.

Nice… would you mind showing us the texture? I searched on google for wool pull-overs but didn’t find anything worthy of a texture…

You may find the texture as well as many others at the following link :

The original one is red, I changed it to blue.

Best regards

Great… thanks for the reply…

Did you have to shoot that glass perfume jar with photons or whatever it is to get that distorted view? Or is that just ray-traced with the depth set properly?

Nice work. Excellent meshing, lighting. Everything looks so good. The chrome and closeup of the items are awsome.

A few questions however. Has nothing to with the great quality that you have here. I am impressed!

That toilet paper holder, and the towel holder. I never seen those other than here at the forum here. Is that a European thing?

The toilet seat looks Big Ass style. And the hole in the toilet looks like large capacity, for large dumps (masterpieces I call them).

Windows on a bathroom door? Looks like something that the landlord used because he got it for free.

What’s that thing above the toilet? A commercial deodorizer? My wife’s hair would gt caught in that.

I’ve seen those kinds of racks here in the US too.

But not that toilet. I love it. Everywhere I’ve been here (admittedly, I haven’t been through most of the southern states) have toilets manufactured by people with midget poops.

(I keep a plunger next to mine… but perhaps that’s more than you needed to know…)

everything is to clean.
take closeups and compare those to your renderings.

in case you would add some randomness (nothing is perfect in reality)
you would create even more realistic renderings.

otherwise great work.

My only crit is the toilet seat it looks plasticy.

:smiley: That was more than I needed to know. :smiley:

Awesome pic, but I would tone down the mirror reflection of the sink cabinets. Normally that type has a matte finish and although might be reflective white, it’s not mirror surfaced normally.

very nice

I think the lighting could use some work, but the rest looks great.

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Materials are a little simple – somewhat too plasticine and maybe the specular highlighting is a bit too contrasty – but the variety of angles, the lighting and the general treatment of the subject, is very nice. Little touches, like the poster on the bathroom wall, lend a lot of realism.

Probably the lighting is just a little bit too harsh, some of the details in surfaces (like the towel) a little too crisp, the caustics in the soap-dispenser a little too abrupt. Pretty standard for raw CG output – nothing a little noise and/or maybe a touch less depth-of-field or a wee bit of creative lighting wouldn’t fix right up. Or a bit of post-processing.

Great models and renders! I have been working on scenes that are similar to this for some projects. I modeled my first toilet ever during the project, whew. One thing about modeling and rendering every day items for your work is that you seldom have artist blocks. Hehehe. Googling for more image references as I type.

Enricoceric, wonderful renders. I like specially the reflections of the WC, the materials and the lights. I find it is a very immaculate work. Keep feeding us with such nice blenderings.

Juan. Madrid.

Here are a new set of images with some changes based on your comments, the seat has been remodeled, some new images have been added.

very good… the texture on the towel is hard to get right… or even close…

One thing I was thinking was that the toilet seat was to smooth… most colored toilet seats are wood painted over, this leaves very tiny but unmistakable dimples in the surface. Perhaps a very light texture would help.