The tortoise and the sun (Image)

Hey all! this is an image i’ve been working on for a couple of days…

Everything was done in blender except the postwork that was made using photoshop :slight_smile:



comments and crits would be most welcome :slight_smile:


Why are no one answering in my thread!!! :frowning: It’s not the first time! anyway here’s the image before post working were done…

First: The reason of why no one is answering is maybee that it took a lot of time to load the first image you posted. But it was better the second image!

Comments and critic: I like the rock a lot, and especially the texture. when it comes to the modeling thing, it´s difirrent. I would like a cartoon-style more, but it look OK anyways, exept that i don´t like the shields texture. Maybee some more crackled (I´m not sure if it is named a shield on english, it is the thing the tortoise had on its back!!) . The sun is great.

I second that…

Great Job, Keep up the good work.

The filesize is huge. 1200kb for an image like that is way too much, when 120kb is sufficient enough.

Always convert your PNG image to Jpeg in postpro (Photoshop or Gimp). Imageshack isn’t the fastest either.

Imageshack is the nr1 reason i don look at pictures, but i looked at this. Not the best, but i think you have a nice light. The ground could be more less flat (lol). And the turtlethingy could have had some more work. I dont know how long you been using blender but your reg jul 2007, and for that i think your pretty good. Keep up the good work. Maybe you should try resize your images down a bit so you can use the uploader on this forum.


thank’s for the critic guys! if anyone only opened the secound file that is not the finished image.

about the shell (not shield) i was searching for a texture for hours and i didn’t find anything that didn’t cost money :stuck_out_tongue: so i made the texture myself :slight_smile:

Good Spacing - the little rocks one the ground provide atmosphere

Thank’s kbot!

here’s the image a bit faster…



nice glow, the terrain is imho too regular… you can try to displace or even sculpt an irregular terrain.

ok thank’s pKrime