The Tower an UPBGE Sci-Fi Game

Hello BA !
I was working on a sci-fi Game with a friend recently and i would like to share the progress

Game idea : You are trapped in a futuristic tower with evil machines and tricky mazes , trying to get out before you get killed and every time you pass a level you win a new E-weapon ( if we can call it that ) you loot downed enemies and search for aids to survive , mazes have fake doors and fake-fake doors so you always search for a way out !

Project pros & cons

Pros :-

  • A nice looking UI with some basic options
  • Language changing which is cool
  • Simple , fast and arranged gameplay
  • beautiful graphics that doesn’t affect the game area
  • Works on weak devices ( and i hope with all system as well )

Cons :-

  • Not fully completed , since the project started couple of months back
  • I’m not sure if i translated the languages correctly and i hope if some speakers here could help😅
  • Weird physics glitch happen when you kick the tower angels hardly ( you get kicked out to the space like a ghost …)
  • Not much randomness , i added some random stuff already but i wish to have randomness in latterly EVERYTHING so the player don’t get bored fast

here’s the (current version) download link :

Enjoy !



Nice. I like the futuristic gun pew pew sounds.

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