The Tower Room

This is a very short music video, where the principle protagonist (Me), is projected onto a flat plane, and the plane is constrained to follow the camera, (Although in this case the camera isn’t going anywhere much. The video itself is a proof of concept for a more ambitious project, which I will post on as it progesses. Also I appear to be suffering from a particularily severe case of lockdown hair.
The video was rendered in 4k using eevee, the keying of the greenscreen was not of the best, but should improve if I pay attention to the lighting more.


This does work nicely so far and the proof of concept succeeded. Overall the lighting matches the scene. Only the candles and their flickering light is absent on you. Especially the flickering from the candle at the top and the light from the candle behind your left shoulder.

The 2,5d image transform is also quite convincing already.
You made me curious, What is modeled in this scene? Is the carpet real, for example? And how about the piano kind of thing (sorry I don’t know the name for this historical instrument)?

Hi minoribus, its very nice to speak to you again. In the final version of this there will be several musicians, so I am likely to move the furniture around a bit, as I said in the first post I wasn’t totally happy with the greenscreen so I changed things around in my setup, there will be a more directional light in the next version. Here is a frame from the session I did yesterday. I am also using a new camera so there are multiple learning curves going on.

Everything in the picture is modelled except the chair I am sitting on, The carpet is a single plane with an alpha channel to get the fringe. The keyboard is a Spinet which is a small harpsichord and is based on a real instrument dating from the early 18th century.

Here is the replacement figure

Have now added the rest of the backing band. The idea hear is that I will be playing the main part live in a gig with these characters in the background projected onto a screen or a large TV. This would be one version of the video, the other would incude the lead instrument, and would go up on you tube.

Thanks for your description. I have never worked with a green screen and didn’t get further than buying some green cloth :wink: What I took from tutorials is that uneven lighting and shadows on the green screen can provoke all sort of problems during chroma keying. Adding yourself three times in the background will surely be a nice effect.

Being able to use the daylight through the window helped hugely. I redid the keyboard player this afternoon, as the colur grading wasn’t great. Now he looks as good as the other two. (This must be the ultime split personality, but I rather tend to think of these as seperate characters even though they are all me.
I also ought to mention that this is all in Eevee rather than cycles. The finished track will be about 8 minutes in length so you are talking tens of thousands of frames, So unless I spent a lot of money on a renderfarm, cycles would be too slow. Loooking at this Eeevee is quite up to the job, and a godsend for animators. Anyway, here is the test run for the backing track. The next version will have the solo guitar added.

Sorry I’m a bit late with this, but… are you aware of my Greenscreen Within Eevee addon? It allows you to greenscreen within material nodes thus saving a whole stage if yr putting greenscreen footage in a scene.

No, but I would be interested if you could point me in the right direction :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I will try it out!

Here is the previous video with the lead instrument added.